From rabbit-ear antennas to today’s most innovative AV solutions. Since 1941, Peerless-AV has provided our customers with leading-edge solutions to support their needs in the marketplace. In the 1960s, we were the largest producer of “rabbit ear” antennas. Today, we’re one of the world’s leading manufacturers of audio-visual products that include flat panel mounts, projector mounts, wireless technology, interactive kiosks, audio cables, video cables, AV furniture, AV carts and stands, AV rack systems and other AV products. We make over 3,600 products for consumers, professionals installers and original equipment manufacturers, serving 28 vertical markets worldwide. Along the way, we’ve made it our mission to innovate along with the world around us. In 1964, we created the world’s first TV mounts. In 1980, we developed the first mounts for CCTV security cameras and speakers. When the first two flat panel plasma TVs were introduced in the 1990s, Peerless-AV’s team of highly skilled experts designed and introduced the world’s first ever flat panel mount so the TVs could be hung onto the wall and the first-ever flat panel cart that allowed the TV to be moved from place to place. Peerless-AV also embraces changes in our larger community. Recognizing the need for products that protect our environment, we build our mounts and AV components with the highest recyclable-content materials while maintaining our industry-leading strength and quality. We also drove the establishment for safety standards for AV mounts in coordination with Underwriters Laboratories (UL), setting a new benchmark for product safety in the industry. While certain technologies may become obsolete, and others will fade from view, Peerless-AV’s spirit of progress remains strong.