ELK is a leading designer and provider of personalized home and business security, energy conservation management and convenience solutions. ELK has a long history of creating simple, yet innovative products that have now become industry standards. Our customer service is world class and we stand behind the products we sell with industry leading technical support and warranty. We have a thorough understanding of the security and integrated control market as several of our principal designers are long time industry veterans who exercise their continued involvement in the trade. The market for our products and solutions is changing rapidly and we are in step with features like remote control and data transfer of our solutions through the internet and smartphones. Our strength is providing a simple to use system that delivers full-featured and personalized integrated solution sets in the areas of security, lighting, audio, environmental control and many more! Let the ELK team along with our network of professional installers help create a personalized solution to meet your lifestyle, budget, and tastes with reliable, simple to use, state of the art systems.