Point Of View

With Home Theaters, Audio, Gaming, and Control Systems all running on IP networks these days, the network has emerged as perhaps the most important factor in a successful custom installation. Consumers will often blame performance issues on the installer or bad equipment, when in fact the culprit may very well be an inferior network. Still, many installers see networking as a necessary evil, rather than as an opportunity—simply purchasing and installing common consumer grade equipment that opens the door to failures. In doing so, installers not only put the entire installation at risk, but they also lose out on a golden opportunity to set themselves apart from the competition while improving the bottom line. By using professional grade networking equipment such as the Luxul Xen™ product line offered by Luxul, installers can deliver a great user experience without breaking the customer’s budget. At the same time, they can easily improve their own financial position by reducing the number of service calls and turning networking into a profit center.